Sunday, January 17, 2010

Le Days

Having a music blog allows me to share with others the bands I've been listening to. This benefits all parties, bringing more awareness for the artist, more readership for me, and more content for the reader. Occasionally this works in reverse, as people tell me about new artists and I can use my platform to spread the word. This was the case with Daniel Hedin and his project Le Days.

Let me get this out of the way right off: Le Days is about as indie as it gets. Don't listen expecting major label-perfect recording quality and polish. But in the case of Hedin's music, it's hard to imagine what he would sound like in the context of a fleshed-out studio band. Whereas many indie musicians falter when they try to reproduce the pop standard, Hedin sings with a deliberate lack of spit-shine.

It's incredibly easy to make crappy recordings and call it an aesthetic choice (lo-fi might as well be called "the Myspace genre"), but what separates good lo-fi from standard internet drivel is the level of authenticity behind it. The best recordings use the available equipment to reveal talent, not hide it. And even he's still just working on his debut album, it's clear that Le Days has some real talent to work with.

Like so many indie bands, Hedin's style is difficult to pin down, but that's not a bad thing. Vocally, there's a definite resemblance to the higher-pitched folk orientation, e.g. Ryan Adams or Justin Vernon. Lack of quality singing is a huge dealbreaker for me (and should be for you, too), but unlike many Myspace artists I've listened to over the years I had no problem with Hedin's voice. For the most part he's emotional, subtle, and piercing. Instrument-wise, Hedin has a taste for dry, sparse acoustic arrangements, which gives his music a nervous, sometimes spooky quality, totally fitting with his lyrics. Standouts like "Blood Red Heart" and "Paperclips" are personal and creative enough to define his own unique style.

Although the ten songs on Le Days' Myspace aren't typical radio-ready fare, they're worth listening to if you want to get into indie's more obscure, exotic side. Hedin's project is currently in the mixing stage, but the songs on his profile are probably close to what the final cut will be like. You can also check out his videos on YouTube if you want a closer look.

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